Get to Udzungwa by Safari Express Train

Udzungwa is only a short distance from Mikumi but quite different. Udzungwa is about ancient rainforests full of endemics.
The most unique way to get to Udzungwa is by the Safari Express. To find out more click Udzungwa by Safari Express.

Udzungwa is only an hour from Mikumi and since there is no where to stay in Udzungwa park most prefer to stay at Vuma. Click to find places to stay near Udzungwa.

Udzungwa makes an easy day excursion from Mikumi. Click for the best guide to Udzungwa park . Alternatively send us an e-mail by clicking Udzungwa.

Udzungwa is a short distance from Mikumi. Click to learn more about Udzungwa
For Udzungwa stay in Mikumi since there is no accommodation within Udzungwa. Click to find out more.
Udzungwa is about an hour from Mikumi & seeing that there is no accomodation in Udzungwa its better to stay at Vuma Hills. Click to find out more about Udzungwa.
For the best guide to Udzungwa click here.
Udzungwa is unique click to find out why.
Udzungwa makes an ideal day excursion from Vuma.
To stay near Udzungwa click here.
For full information about Udzungwa & the Safari Express click Udzungwa or send us an e-mail:
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